22 November 2011

how to melt your fat away

Take some suet...
Beef fat, in this case

Render it down - cook it on low heat
for about 6 hours, in this case.
When raw beef fat (suet) is rendered,
it becomes Tallow!

Strain it - I'm using a wire mesh coffee filter, in this case

Looks good !
Its very waxy - it would make a great candle!
Or  great Pemmican!
"Real" pemmican is (or was) made with
rendered seal oil. Or rendered marrow fat.
But this works, too!

Take some berries....  oats, birdseed...
I finally found a good use for oats!!
Winking smile
Some people add in honey, or peanut butter.
If I had some of either, they would go in this mix!

It solidifies almost instantly. 
One ounce of suet has about 15 grams of Saturated Fat,
9 MUFA, and 1 PUFA.
[Mono / PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids]

One ounce of tallow has about 
14 grams of Saturated Fat, 12 grams of MUFA,
and 1 PUFA. 

If I were a bird, I would totally go for this!
Red heart
Hope your day is awesome!


  1. Were you a Girl Scout? We used to do this in scouting. We made some every winter and sometimes decorated a tree with suet ornaments for the Festival of Tree in my hometown.

  2. Nope never a Girl Scout.
    I was the exact opposite.
    But in our urbane setting, we never saw a camp!

    As long as the temp stays below 70,
    there will be some happy birdies!
    Above that, the tallow melts,
    and the squirrels will be in 12 Oaks Heaven around here!

  3. How nice of you to make that for the birdies :)

  4. Wow that is actually crafty-I'm so jealous! TG day for birdies and squirrels, too!

  5. My first thought: do we eat this? Then I realized it's birdie food! Me is Derp!


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