27 February 2023

testing days

The sky matches my mood. 
Non-descript. Bland. Ugly. 
With a hint of anxiety and a 
Side order of WhatThe Hell. 

Nothing is worth this. 
Actually it only took a few minutes 
When you’re upset, 
It changes how you perceive everything. 

This is a broom. 
Like just twigs. 
This is what we have at work. 
It’s short, too. 
So you have to stoop to use it. 

I took out all the furniture 
(from work) and cleaned. 
Swept, mopped, cleaned. 
It took a few hours with help. 
This has to be done a few times a year. 
No other Nurses clean. 
But they all want to work on a clean place. 
Go figure. 

It’s not my job per se-
But it really is. 
We’ve gone from “Quicquid Quae”
“Quidquid Necesse Est!”
(Whatever it takes)
To “Capit Semper!”
Ease-play excuse-ay my Atin-lay!

In so doing, one of the plugs 
came unplugged. They do that now and then. 
We have many many machines here. 
And in the old days, one power outlet per wall
Was the norm. Cheapskates! 
So we use HD power strips. 

I get a call in the night
that one machine didn’t work. 
Well, is it unplugged? 
“I don’t know. It just won’t work.”
No treatment. None. 
Also the suction was unplugged. 
This is the 3rd week in a row. 
No- it’s the fourth week in a row. 
So no suction happened. 

When you can’t cough, can’t swallow,
The snot snot goes to the 
poop poop and the boom boom 
of the dada googoo gaga. 
Aspiration pneumonia. 
No wonder the kid isn’t getting better! 

Still picking up groceries curbside. 
WalMart messed up my order. 
I told them this wasn’t mine
But they put it in the car anyways. 

Now I can’t say I never catch a break. 
At least it’s something cool. 
Of all the things to fall into my lap. 
Quest products ! 

I feel a wee bit guilty. 
Kinda like in Les Mis 
How 24601 stole a loaf of bread. 
I guess now I have to go 
on the run for 20 years! 

7 scrubs for 7 shifts. 
Once this nurse clears this week,
I’m back to mega shifts. 
I dread it, actually. I’m tired. 

I reached my weight goal. 
Back to my baseline. 
Plus- No more heartburn! 
After TWO YEARS post covid vaxx 
And I’m healthy again. Yay! 
Full of energy! Able to clean. 
Able to bend down. Able to endure. 
No more Hiatal Hernia flare ups! 
No ulcers. No reflux. No PPI!
No anemia. Good iron levels!
Instead of taking my Victory Lap,
I’m mad because there is an adult 
That can’t plug in a machine. 
There’s an adult who won’t help 
With his own trash or his own cats. 
I guess it’s irrational to expect perfection. 

3 nights now. 
Kratom is not for sleep. 
It’s too energizing. 
And pulls so much fluid! 
Up to pee like 4 times last night. 

My solution- put on some Mozart. 

My lunch. 

My Kratom. For pain. 

Spring Is Here! 
Tell it to go fuck off for me, will ya? 
(Just kidding. I’ll tell it myself. )

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