15 February 2023

prep day

Crane Guy is still at it. 

It took long enough to get him down. 

Hope you had a great VD Day 

Snoop Dogg helps start the day 
With Kid Affirmations. 
Today is gonna be a great day! 

Zip Fizz. 
I drink way too much caffeine. 

Spinach Dip with a few pretzel crackers. 

In Moby Dick, Queequeg 
Had ahis own personal Ramadan. 
He prepared himself for 
whatever may come. 

Many steps. 

Much pain. Got up and had an Advil
And dropped my pulse 
Back to join the land of the living 

Flashback Memories. 
This is Portland Oregon. 
Some Random Guy. 

Someone said “Wear red on Valentines Day
If you’re a big ole nerd. 
So here I am. 

Heeeeeeere’s Annie! 
Stayed at work. Early shifts. 

So ready for my time off. 
I have that nice feeling
That normal people get
 when Spring comes. 
I told the Mom I will be 
taking time off this summer. 
She paused and made a little grimace-
No - no side eyes, please! 
I must leave. 
I will die inside of I can’t get away. 
I’m not indentured here. 

Since I am the At Home Interloper,
Everyone has a big room 
But me. I don’t have a sitting area. 
Too bad, too,,, I would sit in there
All day and never come out. 

Lock on the entrance door
- Keep the nut jobs out- 
Mini Fridge
Closet space
Desk for writing 
Needs an en-suite anyways. 

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  1. Anne, I love the red scrubs! Time off this summer: necessity. You need it. You need to look forward to it, and then to revel in it. Spring: we are having a false February spring here in NY, instead of blizzards and ice, it was 68 and sunny yesterday. I vacuumed the car, got some vitamin D. Having doors and windows opened to air out the house felt so springy. But alas, as with all good things, tomorrow more snow and ice...


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