20 February 2023


The reddest red orange ever 

Did NOT want to wake up today. 
If you take Delta 9, start early. 
The gummies have about a 2 hour lag time. 

Splash toilet water on yourself 
First thing and nothing worse 
Will happen to you all day. 
Just kidding.
It can always get worse. 

coming along nicely. 
Aka those long muscles that go
 from sternum to behind the ear. 

All it ever was. 
Just images.  Lol. 

All my nurses notes vanished from the tablet. 
This is like the 5th time. 
Why are my notes vanishing? 
No one else is having this problem. 
Just me. 
50,000 nurses and I’m the only one
Who has a problem. 
I suspect sabotage   
I have an office saboteur. 
Or else I just have the worse luck. 
I’m going with sabotage. 

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