21 February 2023

100 days

I have simple tastes. 
I require nothing fancy. 

I used to have a saying:
“Don’t invite me if 
you don’t want me to go. 
Because I WILL go.”
Just to see more of the world. 

In Air BnB 
I’ve stayed on peoples couches. 
Shared rooms. Meet the people. 
Like a non hostile Hostel. 
Some hosts will take you all around town. 
I figured they need the money. 
Or they like people.  
And I need the lodging. 
Win win. 

I booked 21 days away. 
Gulf coast side of Florida. 
I don’t care about the Disney side. 

I figure an uber is $50 a day to get around 
So I rented a cheap car for the first week. 
I’m going to plop down
On the beach and not move for days. 
I took a week before the vacation starts 
to just go unwind And sit on the beach. 

New fuzzy wheel cover. 
My steering wheel is losing parts
And it’s ugly. I spilled something 
And it disintegrated the plastics. 
Seed oils are not benign. 
It was sticky duck sauce. 

I plan to prep now for the Sun. 
Planet Fitness has tanning beds
I like to hit up before I burn to a crisp
In the real sun. 

Do you see the white dots? 

Every day is Caturday. 
If you play it right. 

Let the countdown begin! 


  1. I am SO happy for you! I went down to the gulf side for just a four day stay in 2021, with 3 of my daughters. A cheap airbnb walking distance from the beach, with a street taco shop on the corner...so nice. I don't need fancy, just a beach. (My older girls are so funny, they don't eat peanut butter & jam sandwiches ever, except for on vacation, as a splurge...nice wholegrain bakery bread, really nice jam...after a morning on the beach, a PBJ in the afternoon AC, ahhhh...). We also bought me a beach chair when we got there, I donated it to the airbnb, it was worth it...more comfy than a towel in the sand for me....

  2. oops,forgot to give my name, that was me...:)

  3. What a great idea! I will grab a beach chair and leave it for the next guy.
    No way I can get up and down a million times from the sand. Lol. Sweet!
    Anne H


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