26 February 2023

how to be a pediatric nurse

Pediatric Nursing is its own entity. 
It’s rough to see pictures of sick kids. 
But this is what we’re all about. 
We focus on the healing. 
Not just the pain. Disclaimer. 

Antley Bixler Syndrome. 

Liver or other organ 
Is external at birth. 

Tracheotomy (pronounced traak) 
Is common with kids. 
Kids aren’t very good breathers sometimes. 
Think about it. Snotty noses = kids. 

Kids with trachs don’t always have a vent. 
But some do. 
Some just use it at night. 
Some - all the time. 

We think quadriplegia is total paralysis. 
Or that you have no feeling in your limbs. 
Not always. 

Functional quadriplegia, spine issues, 
Kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis…
Subluxation of the hips…
Joints dislocated…

Lots of Ortho. 
Lots of Speech Therapy. 
We ❤️ Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. 
Dallas is lucky. People come from 
All over to get treatment from the Shriners. 
They have never charged a dime 
For any service provided to any child. 

Little hands need lots of love. 
Kids don’t know they are sick! 
They don’t know what comes next. 

Kids need extra movement 
And range of Motion (stretching)
Because the bones can grow faster
 than the muscles- which pull-
And contractures develop. 

Kids should not have to face such things 
And yet- here we are! 

Kids with burns. 
Kids with cancer. 
Fat kids. Skinny kids. 
Kids that climb on rocks. 
Munchhausen By Proxy. 
Child abuse. Even terrorist attacks. 
Kids that are trafficked for sex. 
Kids that give birth to babies. 
Kids with COVID- HIV- etc. 
We stand beside them all
And protect and guide them. 

*Clara Barton. Nurse during the Civil War.*

Into this terrifying mix, 
the Nurses go-
Because we know we 
Can and DO make a difference. 
Even a wee difference. 
No life is too wee to have love. 

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  1. My first long term pediatric patient had a Subdural Hematoma, from child abuse. Back in the day it was unheard of to live through that diagnosis. She lived 20+ years!


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