28 February 2023

it is well

Morning sky is pretty 
People will be petty. 
My new motto.  LOL. 

Be a Nurse, they said. 
It will be fun, they said! 

Air Quality sucked today. 
Pun intended. 

Mask up. No exceptions. 

These ended up in my cart. 
So I ate them. 
I’m really impressed. Good crunch. 
Great taste. 18 grams of Protein. 
This and protein shakes x2. 

I still like the Kratom
I take them once a day. 
In local stores, it’s $1 a gram. 
I found a place online that sells 
Loose powder 250grams/ $27. 
So 10 cents a gram. 
A standard dose os 1/2 gram for me. 

Has it been year? 
Time flies when you’re 
In a Global Pandemic Crisis 

I had to rest my knee. 
I stepped on a power cord, slipped,
Almost fell. 
Time for new power cords. 

I took an Advil 
And by gosh by golly,
I slept! I didn’t wake up at all. 
No even to go to the little nurses room. 

Trying to gain traction here…
My up-and-coming 2nd blog…. 
You know how comments can be! 
Someone asked me if I have teeth. 
So yes. Yes I do have teeth. 
My own teeth; my mother gave them 
to me as a keepsake when I was born! 
I’ve not lost any- except that one tooth
Jumped out of my mouth during COVID. 

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