08 February 2023

smaller plates

Love the rain 

FaceBook Memories. 
In 2019, I could eat 
4 Eggs, with Cheese
4 Sausage and 
2 large mugs of  Covefe. 
With Heavy Cream. 
One of two meals a day. 

Also 2019. 
Deconstructed Reuben. 
2 meals a day. 
And snacks. 

Cole Snake Juice Robinson
Says we need to have tiny little re-feeds. 
Like 500 calories.  I agree. Now. 
Eat OMAD and smaller meals. 

Now I can eat 2 Eggs and I’m full. 
It’s so obvious, once the hunger leaves. 
But when we are under it’s spell,
We seem to hear no other voice. 
Like hypnotic zombies. 

I feel like an old granny. 
I can eat half a Quarter Pounder. 
And save the other half. 
Can I have a doggie bag please? 
Part of that is my new Hiatal Hernia. 
Part of it is Portion Control. 
Just because you’re Low Carb
Does NOT mean you can eat
 anything you want. 

CVS had a line over an hour long. 
For the pharmacist. 
I got to the counter- nope! 
The meds aren’t ready. 
I sat in the car and cried. 
I’m tired. So tired. 
So much corporate mischief. 
They understaff and work people 
Literally till they collapse. 
They can’t get supplies. 
Everyplace you go, they’re understaffed. 
When was the last time you called 
Customer Service and it didn’t take an hour? 
My point exactly. 

When you work with toddlers. 
Lol. The other nurses think 
there is a magic table. 

You leave the dirty clothes 
And when you come back, 
They’re folded and put away. 

Huge sleeping. 
I credit magnesium, melatonin,
And CBD. I also often take 
An anticholinergic-Unisom
(An OTC antihistamine)
which has some risk
Long term. But so does 
sleep deprivation. 

Brood mood 

OMG only 8 more years. 
I moved my retirement up 2 years. 
Is it just me? Or is society 
reaching a new all-time low? 

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