07 February 2023

exciting days

Red sky at morning
You’re gonna get some rain. 

My favorite hobby. 
I wake up before the alarm. 

Extremely unfulfilling. 
Would not recommend a HH
Hiatal Hernia et all. 

The backs of my hands. 
I credit the hand crème I use. 
CeraVe. Worth the money. 
They use good oils. 
Also ceramides. 
I also use it on my face. 

Even got the make up. 
I’ve never had this. 
That’s probably what people
 have always said to me 
When they ask if I’m tired. 
“You look tired.”
But no more tired than anyone. 
I just don’t wear make up
And conceal it. 

The monthly (or so) 
Long Shot. 
The large scrubs are still falling off. 

It’s for accountability. 
LC bloggers who don’t 
Show maintenance 
Often get a shock when they show up
With 100 pounds more than before. 

Green Screen gear cam in. 
I’m so happy! 
It’s like a kid a Christmas. 

Little bitty hands. Lol. 

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