12 February 2023

back to work

What makes the dawn
 come up like Thunder? 
Courage.  Lol. 

Nail Lunge 

Topo Chico 
For all

And naps. Mommy naps are best. 

I had Hot & Sour Soup
(No crunchy things)
And 2 Chicken Egg Rolls. 
I drank tons of water. 
No Hiatal Hernia flare ups. 
 And no PPI for months.

Three of my closest friends 
Actually put in for retirement. 
Going into 2023, 
This year since January. 
One is a teacher. 
She said teaching has changed. 
It was already seriously flawed. 
One is an office worker. 
He said office work has changed. 
A million new silly policies. 
One is a performer. 
She said unions have changed. 
And they don’t have as much power. 

Only the office guy actually followed through 
And retired. The rest of us just 
Keep on a-working for a living 

Of all the professions impacted by COVID,
You know nursing was hit hard. Hardest. 
No need to ask if nursing has changed. 
It’s morphing into something. 
Maybe something ugly. 
I don’t think COVID is showing us
Our best image back. 

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