22 February 2023


Beautiful Downtown Dallas 

Arts Districs
This is Moody Performance Hall

Such a beautiful skyline. 
I hated during COVID it went dark. 

Dallas Chamber Symphony 
Smaller than the Dallas Symphony Orchestra 
And more apt to play smaller venues 
And more intimate settings. 

I love love love living in Dallas. 
The culture is worth the trip 

The first concert back since COVID. 
The Conductor said how glad 
he was to be back since Lockdown. 

Ralph Vaughan Williams’
Dives & Lazarus 
Is one one my favorite works from 
Vaughn Williams., one of my favorite artists. 

lol. You share a TP roll with the stall next door. 
Yikes! Howdy, partner! 
Pardon me, have you any Grey Poop-on? 
Potty humor. 

More Arts District. Thirst traps. 
Years ago all the art was in Deep Ellum 
And it was scary place to go to. 
Dallas is trying to upgrade downtown 
As being a pedestrian park 
(Like Central Park) in a concrete jungle.  

Lies! I must’ve walked 500 miles 
Last night. And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the Anne who sits down for a concert. 

It’s 80° F which is summer temps
26.7 °C in February. 
I woke up sweating balls. 

Several members of the orchestra 
Were crying during the performance. 
It was one of the most beautiful
 things I’ve ever heard. 
Just like a perfect dream. 

Someone brought a toddler. 
And she kept looking at me and grinning-
And I would grin back. 
[Kids like me. Maybe they 
think I’m one of them?]
Even she was crying happy tears. 
The lady next to me was crying. 
We have lots of tears that need to come out. 
May COVID be peacefully forgotten. 
Nope! We’re in the Fourth Turning. 
So no freaking way. 
Expect chaos. But enjoy the calm. 

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  1. And by golly- no wine! I had no wine before the event. This is a first.


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