16 February 2023

save a life

Hey - this kid is getting sick! 
Nurse A notices the slightest difference. 
In this case, slight pulse increase. 
Slight fever. Slight sweat. 

Watch and wait. 
It might be something. 
It might not. Be calm and watch. 

You know that bad feeling? 
Just a bunch? 
Better call the doctor. 
Get some meds. 
We’re out of meds! 
How does this happen? 
Better call. 

We (imperial we) call the doctor. 
And the pharmacy. 
And the insurance. 
And the case manager. 
And … and… and…
Doc calls insurance 
Who called pharmacy. 
Call Santa! Just get the meds. 

(Very few times I get told “No”!)
Let’s try again. 
Our sacred system of checks and balances 
Can’t fail- or can it? 

Doctor wrote 20 refills. 
Pharmacy is out of the drug. 
Insurance de-listed the drug. 
Back up insurance didn’t kick in. 
Parents can’t find the drug. 
Primary pharmacy is out. 
Second pharmacy is out of the drug. 
Kid still needs the drug. 
Just pay out of pocket. 
Just this once. 
Shut up and take my money! 

Wednesday called. 💚
Lol not THAT Wednesday. 
Thursday called. 💛
Friday called. ❤️
This is a common drug. 🖤
Been around since the 1950s. 🤍
Just a Benzodiazepine 💔

“Just” a benzo?
No such thing as “just” any drug. 
Every drug is chemotherapy. 
No chemical is insignificant. 

Try skipping your morning coffee 
And tell me about the sick headache 
You’re bound to have. 
Now multiply that times 1000
And you’re probably going to have some
Withdrawals from these drugs. 

Here’s where it gets good. 
Nurse A remembered a 
rare neurological condition 
That can occur when meds 
are stopped suddenly. 
They need to be tapered. 
Not just stopped cold turkey. 

This never comes up because 
Most everyone can get the meds. 
You almost have to be standing there 
To watch it occur. Like lightning. 
Right place right time! 

Drugs were obtained. 
Doctor did their part. 
Nurses did their part. 
Insurance did their part. 
Family did their part. 

Pharmacy…. Come in pharmacy! 

So the kid is on the mend. 

And the Nurses are happy! 

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