06 February 2023


Downtown Dallas and it’s 
GangBanger graffiti from Bangor 

Hills and Valleys
In Valley Ranch. 

Thanks Biden!  
They only talk trash 
when it’s bad news. 

One thing I’m very proud of 

This window film  has stayed up 
since November. 
With 3 urchins running around- 
That’s saying something! 

Nurses. Are we just slobs at heart?
Every nurse I know
- Myself included - 
Drops the dirty diapers and chux
On the floor. Why? WHY! 
That’s just how it is. 
In Nursing, anything below waist level 
Is considered to be contaminated. 

If you come to Texas,
And you mess up a lot,
Someone will probably threaten you 
With a flying shoe. 
Oops! Upside your head. Lol!

Free attitude adjustments!
The line forms to the left. 

I ate a corny dog in the 
car at the gas station 
Just like a Freshman Atkin-eer. 
It triggered my Hiatal Hernia 
And I just sat there at a red light
Thinking “So this is it?
I die choking on a corny dog?”
With little clumps of pulled off breading 
All around me. Murphys law. 
But alas. I lived through it. 
Tossed the rest of the mess in the trash. 
I need to get back to hot meals. 
I’ve been having protein shakes. 

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