16 February 2023

day day

Day off. 
And no internet. 
Local power outage. 

What a dork. 
And look at that pouch! 
Cats get a “primordial pouch.”
It’s not obesity; it’s protection for cats! 
Visceral fat is stored in 
the Omentum (belly)
And that’s the bad stuff. 

Memories from FaceBook 

Splenda Daddy

So the dropped medication fiasco 
Made me a wee bit of a local hero!
(I’m no Superman!)
The doctor likes that I advocate. 
Her staff called again today. 
The family loves that I advocate. 
The other nurses have a little 
“Atta Gal” prop for my role
In getting the meds. 

Welcome to the Internet 
Trying to make a video every day. 
Just for practice. 
These aren’t stellar. Lol. 
A cat playing a piano. 

Everyone wants to be nice. 
I’m nice - but I’m direct. 
I bet the people who dropped the ball
Think I’m a really biotch! 
And they’re not wrong. Lol. 

One said “I took one look 
at your hair and knew 
I was up against a fighter!”
I prefer “patient advocate”!
I’m like a firefighter. 
The implosion stops here. 

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