01 August 2022

day 4

Oh my little pretty one
My Sharona!

Oh it makes my fever run
My Corona!

This is a Chicago-vich group. 
Leonid and Friends 
They’re a Russian music group
That does remakes of Chicago,
Blood, Sweat, and Tears,
And Earth, Wind, and Fire. 

Just a few of the songs 
And albums I’ve been listening to. 


Better get some now. 
We don’t think about it,
But it’s good to replace your toothbrush 
After an illness. 

Went into a Dollar General 
In my neighborhood. Heard this. 
The first year I was in Oak Cliff. 
Stood in the corner 
where the speaker was
And listened in a trance. 

Cheese and a Keto Chow. 

Blood Glucose 85 mg/dL
Ketones 1.3 mmol/dL

Hanging out in my room a lot. 

Farting around with drumsticks 

Any time now with that power… ok?

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