24 August 2022

dead day

A blog about clouds. 

Only cuz it hasn’t rained all summer. 
Till now. 
It’s mostly under control in Dallas today. 

I got home last night and went right to bed. 
Not the best sleep this week. 
I woke up, glanced at my watch,
Thought it said 4:55. 
So I got up and started getting ready. 

Didn’t really get back to sleep 
After that. 

These takeovers are like a riot. 
But they just stop traffic. 
And walk through lanes. 

Also, like a riot, there’s looting. 
They just walk in, grab everything, 
And walk out. Arms full of stuff. 
Broad daylight. Scary times. 

I’ve had to quit listening to podcasts
About the dark and mysterious. 
About. It’s wearing on me. 
Bailey Sarian is an excellent podcaster. 

It’s scary how violent people can be. 
And it’s depressing how prevalent 
It is. I wouldn’t want to 
Bring a child into this world. 
Mr Ballen knows how to build tension. 
He highlights stories about people 
Who go missing from National Parks. 
The one place that’s like 
A sanctuary to me. Yikes. 

Law & Order SVU
Is rough as well. 
But almost always there’s a happy ending. 
They find the bad guy. 
And TV is regulated. 
Not so much podcasts. 

Boundaries are now called “Quiet Quitting.”
I’m quiet quitting at work. 
More on this later. 

I have a horrible headache for 3 days now. 
And can’t have Advil
Unless it’s an emergency. 
My room is a mess. 
I think this is rock bottom. 
Post COVID rock bottom. 

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  1. I had to laugh when you put the Meme up about the two feet driving! Long story short my father taught me to drive two footed. Until I took the car out by myself and almost put myself through the windshield! Oh the memories!! lol


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