26 August 2022

no breaks

Got up super early. 
No traffic today. 

So I laid back on a living room couch. 
And kinda chilled. 

Whatever is the problem 
It’s crazy. 
Post COVID exhaustion?

Keto Ice Cream Snack 

Not quite but it feels like it. 

Monday I think I’ll start my beefy diet. 

I didn’t die. 
But I have empathy for my patients 
Who can’t get a proper diagnosis 
And therefore- can’t heal. 
And all they did was trust the system. 
Lots of swelling. 
Vaccine induced? COVID remnant?
If so, there has to be a treatment. 
I can’t imagine this going on
For a long time. Plus the pain.

Turns out the system is toxic. 
But you can’t tell them that. 
They’ll likely shoot the messenger. 

Magic Hour. 
Football season starts now. 
Labor Day is coming up. 
I can’t imagine how time went by so fast. 

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