15 August 2022

okay day



Tuna Salad

Burned Butter
Fat Bombs

White Cheese
White Eggs 
White Dressing
Who said don’t eat anything white. 

This cat. 

He’s kind of a Fatty. 
He’s all Keto and Raw Carnivore. 
This cat is Diabetic- so …
Not sure what to think about this. 

Sitting outside. 
We all heard a noise. 
Sounded big. Like a bird
Hitting the patio door. 

This guy. 

Well, my happy mood 
is still in full bloom. 
I’ve been in a good mood
Even dare I say “happy”
For 3 days. 

I want to work on my room today. 
It turned into a teenage boy’s 
Dump site when I had COVID. 
Bending over made me dizzy. 
So I left everything on the floor. 
My bad! Bwah Ha Ha! 

It’s like when you wake up 
and your fever is gone.  
Or like when you just know 
Like Zen- that everything 
Is going to be ok. 
That’s a great feeling. 
Almost there! 
Probably has much to do 
With my iron levels 
And my anemia is 
Under control. 

“When we are no longer able
 to change a situation, we are 
challenged to change ourselves." 
 Victor Frankl (1905-1977). 

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