13 August 2022

woke up good

Salad, Broccoli, 
and a Hamburger after work.  

This thing tried to eat me. 
Not cool. 

I have a co-dependent relationship 
With my patient. Sort of. 
I want him to act half-way decent. 
I want to reward him when he’s nice. 
No I gush over him a wee bit. 

I’m tired of being around assholes
Who have a stick up their butts. 
You know the type:
They bitch about anything,
And want things exactly as they want it. 
It’s hard to have empathy 
When all they do is bitch- 
For literally YEARS. 
What is there to like about that? 
What a way to waste a life. 

Gradually getting stronger. 

Woke up today at 4 am. 
I felt good. Really good! 

I found the perfect thing. 
I take an iron tablet
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
Not too little. 
Not too much.  
Just right. 

Remember this movie? 
Hepburns character asked why
They don’t just float down stream 
Since it would be quieter. 
Bogart answered that if they turned off the power, 
they couldn’t steer the vessel. 

My first thought about the pandemic 
Was that it would last a while 
- 2 months to 2 years -
And I would just hold on and do my best. 
That was my plan. 
More reactive than proactive. 
So now, a little more navigation is required. 
More steering and less floating. 

That’s probably why I feel so good! 
It feels good to not wake up tired. 

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