10 August 2022

dreary dread

Salad With Italian Dressing. 

A wee bit of rain. 
Not enough to register at the airport. 
The readings are taken at the airport 
So it can say “no rain”
Even though you got some. 

This is every day. 
Not sure what they want. 
They just want in. 
They want in my room. 
It’s that large laundry pile. 
They think it’s their bed. 

Nearly Full Moon
During the day. 

A big, sunlit “anvil cloud”. 
That’s the thunderstorm south of town. 
These clouds can be 30,000 to
50,000 feet high! 


Looks like jail. 
I feel like I’m in jail. 
I have total dread
For the future. 
Just anxious, I guess. 

Maybe it’s post Covid exhaustion. 
This phase can last a few weeks. 

Mr Ballens Podcast. 
Great. Now I’m scared to go hiking. 
I live in a big city,
And we have lots of crime. 

Being afraid of 
Going hiking in the countryside 
Or a National Park is crazy. 
And yet…

COVID and the Pandemic 
Has torn me to shreds. 
I carried the bulk of this case
For 3 years. Good. 
But it’s hard work. 
I’m not happy with Nursing 
In general. It’s changing. 
Maybe some burnout?

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