14 August 2022

energy upgrade

Next time, partner with Webster 
Or maybe spell check! 
I actually turned around
 and went back for this picture. 

Took 2 hours to get home last night. 
Traffic and construction. 
Just put on the tunes and turn it up. 
Cuz you ain’t goin’ anywhere- yet! 

School is starting soon. 
We’re past the worst of the summer. 
Time to start walking again. 

Not sure about this one. 
Respond emotionally internally?
Or just not show it? 
Or let it rule you? Or ruin you? 
This seems mean. 
Maybe a narcissist or sociopath wrote this. 
When I was ghosted, 
I observed no emotion from my ex. 


Well. This wasn’t supposed to happen 
Until 2070. 

When I first went to California 
In 2009, there was a drought. 
We can’t seem to fix our real problems. 
We’ve had decades. 

Wow. What a nightmare. 
It’s a good time to take good care. 
Of yourself, your family, 
all the things we have stewardship over. 
It will only be worse if we’re unprepared. 

One year ago. 
My baby liked to sit funny 
with his little broken leg. 
I know that feeling!

Turned around and saw this. 
I left the camera on. Lol. 

I’m afraid my pants will one day 
fall completely off. 
No butt and a tummy. 
Typical Insulin Resistance. 

Divine Intervention occurred at work
And the results have continued 
For 2 days now. 
Pure bliss! 
Before, it was like pulling 
on a damn drunk donkey tail
To get my patient to even 
let me dress him or reposition him. 
Or simply move his hand. 
That “phase” lasted  3 years. 
Only because of COVID, 
I stayed on this case. 

So I guess I reached Rock Bottom. 
No shame in that. 
The shame would be 
If I stayed at rock bottom. 

There has got to be a better way! 

I feel as though it tested the limits 
of my empathy, and made me question 
my career. All for a prank. 
All I can say is FUCK THAT! 
I’ll never allow that again. 
It sucks the life from your soul. 

And since the world we see involves 
Much projection, I know the problem 
Is actually- me! 

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