21 August 2022

haircut day

Haircut day. 
This stylish stylist comes to the house! 

Lol the blow dryer sound 
Worries the cat. 
He always does this! 

Afterwards we got some girl talk 

And did some fake tattoos. 

I want one for real- on my wrist. 
So that when I reach for something 
I will see the heart. 
And if it’s not something good
For my heart… I need to think twice. 

I didn’t really “need” a haircut 
“Per se”… but I wanted hair and 
Makeup advice and that’s how it’s done. 
All the people that come to the house
Are Broadway people so they know 
about makeup and hair. 
It was decided that I don’t need much
For my new podcast. I am happy that 
I have good skin and hair. 

Could not sleep. 
Glad to say I’ve trained myself 
to remain quiet and still and rest 
Even if I can’t sleep. 

A fun Julia Child mask. 

Rebel Ice Cream. 
I had some from a month ago
That I never finished. 

Sundays are like the bane of my existence. 
No one can work Sundays,
Because everyone is suddenly 
So very religious and must go to church. 

I can’t blame people, I guess. 
Lots of worry in the world. 

I finally get my second day off,
But they’re not consecutive. 
I guess that’s ok.  

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