31 August 2022

last rows of summer

Another day. 
Another chance to make a difference. 

Lol make a difference 
In my own life. 
Can’t make a difference 
In someone’s life
If your life is unhealed. 

Slept like a babe in arms. 
Pulse got down to the 40s. 
I took melatonin and magnesium. 
And CBD. And anticholinergics. 
Which I was already off of. 
I’ve had 4 nightly doses. 
I want to get off them
but they do such a good job 
Knocking me out. Shame. 

Clinic Day yesterday and today. 
I typically walk my butt off. 

I made these corrections. 
You like? 

Ye Olde Body Shot. 

Lol Tuff Guy/ Gal head shot. 
Such a relief to be done 
with the heat of summer. 
I’m not intolerant of heat and cold. 
I like heat. Hot showers. Saunas
But geez! The heat in summer 
In Dallas is unbearable to me. 

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