16 August 2022

hungry days

Did NOT want to get up today. 
But once I get on my feet,
It’s ok. 

I guess it comes back to balance. 
Not too much work. 
Not too much time off. 
I admit I fell for the Fear Factor. 
It’s easy to think we have a 
Fearsome Future. 

I had a glass of wine. 
My body hates wine. 
I love it. 
When I was having trouble 
With my (now) Ex,
I had such racing thoughts
I couldn’t sleep at night without wine. 

I don’t have that problem now. 
My biggest problem is that I want
To go to on vacation. 
So all in all… I’m good.  
So no need to torture my heart. 
My physical heart. 
My emotional heart is 
already healed from my EX. 
So I have no cause and effect 
Anymore with the wine. 

Ran errands with my housemate. 
Which means I sat in the car 
While she ran in. 

Steak for Dinner. 
Ate it all. 
About 1/3 of a Ribeye. 

Pepper Poppers. 
A good thing for ulcers. 

Rebel Keto Ice Crean. 

Take or Leave it. 
I have ZERO cravings for sweets. 

What in Foodie Hell is this?
Pretzel Mustard Ice Cream. 
God save us.  

Forget YouTube. 
Forget TikTok. 
These are my followers. 

Pretty much every time. 

Mosey Butts 

Finally. I keep feeling like 
The frenzy of COVID is waning. 

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