02 August 2022

day 5

August typically an odd month for me. 
Every breakup I’ve ever had
Occurred in August. 
Probably from hanging out 
With a bunch of teachers. 

I’ve always dreaded August. 
The only time I didn’t get 
A job I applied for- was in August. 

So I have COVID. 
No worries!
 I’ll just get a lot of things done. 
Clean up my closet. 
Take down the art in my room,
And put up my own. 
I bought some posters
Of some of the National Parks. 

Yeah well…. None of that happened. 
I just kinda laid there. All week. 
Covid sure has the “Muscle Memory”
Of Swine Flu from 2009. 

No begging, please!

His motto is “Always Hungry!”
And “Never Stop Trying 
To Get All The Food!”

Salad Cat. His real name is Smudge. 

So, I put my plate of Salad 
in the microwave 
To keep Mr Nosy Butt Fergus away. 
When I shut the door, I heard a crash. 
It was this Cat Butthole Plate. 

I told Fergus it’s time to go pack. 
We have to move out. 
I broke my housemate’s art. 
Quite on accident. But still. 

Since I’m not ready to move
To Alaska at this time, I went online
And bought another cat butthole plate. 
No one was mad. But still. 

Crazy hair. Lol. 
My toenails hurt like 
Someone pulled them off. 
And I woke up gagging
Last night in my sleep! 
A tooth fell out! It wasn’t loose. 
It just fell out. Bye! 
I got up and spit it out. 
And went back to bed. 

When I can’t sleep,
I say The Hoʻoponopono. 
Sometimes for hours. 
I figure there’s always someone 
I need to thank, forgive, 
Or apologize to. 

Yesterday I had a mild fever. 
Today, so far no fever. 

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