11 August 2022

so tired

Woke up. Drove. 
Got gas. And Covefe. 
I always get gas on Friday. 

Well shit. 
It’s Thursday. 

Almost called out from work. 
I feel like a squished cockroach. 
I’m sure I’ll survive
But I don’t like being this tired. 
I’ve lost my happy place. 
I know it’s here. 
I just have to find it again. 

Right now, I’m chalking it up to COVID. 

I did this. Months later, 
No mold.  No change. 

Some people need to learn this as well. 

Sharing face masks with the other nurses. 

I hurt all over
And I’ve lost my faith. 
In the universe- 
And everything and everyone in it. 
I’m trying to not be mad. 
Or sad. Just need some “me” time. 

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