22 August 2022

late day


That’s a Chicken KaBob
And Broccoli 

OMG no! 

Still HODL BitCoin. 

A little wine. 
This happens. 
I don’t even want to 
bring it in the house. 
I’m mad at it. 
And I’m mad at myself. 
13 years or resisting sweets
And I have “just one glass”
When there’s some to be had. 
I know better than this. 
It always disrupts sleep. 
It’s not cheap. It’s kinda nasty. 

Dallas is flooding today. 

They call this an “Areal” flood. 
I would have lost money 
If I’d had to bet on the etymology. 

They say we got a whole summer’s 
Worth of rain on one day. 
Like a 1000 year flood. 

Lake Mead is drying up. 
What will happen to the electricity
If the water level drops?
No to mention the drinking water
For SoCals millions. 
And crops in the Inland Empire. 

Vegas flooding 

South Korea flooding. 

Elaine is leaving in a week. 
She’s going to conduct Annie
On tour. Broadway is coming back! 
School is back in session. 
In person! Time. 
It’s time. 

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