20 October 2021

sleepy day

I was so sleepy yesterday 
I couldn’t stay awake 
If you had given me a million bucks. 

Those orange gaps is where
 I didn’t wear my watch,
On my days off. 

Drama in the sky

Someone in DFW saw a comet
Last night. Real? Not real? 
Pretty though. Pic from Facebook. 

I ate yesterday
Like a Hungry Hippo. 
Trying to stay awake. 
2 orders of these. 

Starbucks and the hospital café. 
Tuna Sandwich and a few chips
From the deli. And some candy. 
Even the sugar didn’t wake me up. 
About 75 carbs in all. 

I had this happen once before
About 25 years ago. 
So abnormally sleepy - 
Turns out the exhaust from the van
Was going back in to the van. 
And making everyone sick and sleepy. 

I was so sleepy and groggy
I told the staff I was
The patient’s Dad! 
It was like being drunk. 
True story. 
I went to bed at 8 pm. 
And slept till almost 6. 

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