17 October 2021

shortest night

Steady but still high. 
Ever had a cute idea that sucked? 
Whilst cleaning out my closet, 
I found 2 little airplane size 
Whiskeys that I kept for a hot toddy. 
I drank them with some cream
And I broke out in a sweat. 
Yuk. That feeling! 
I never want to have that feeling again. 
I can’t imagine drinking a whole bottle of wine 
Or such a large amount. 
Zero is my new limit. 

Love this old show Young Sheldon
Even though I’m not crazy about 
The Big Bang Theory. 

The planes are back. 
My case is near DFW Airport 
So it’s common to see trails
And hear the rumbles. 
A few miles north of here, 
Your house will shake - 
The planes pass by so low. 

And here me with a feeling 
Like I just got ran over by a truck. 
I look like it, too! 
Starting Snake Juice Fasting. 
To hell with feeling like that. 
There’s nothing on earth worth that! 

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