28 July 2023

labs July 2023

Hepatic Function is Liver. 
All liver labs are normal. 
When I first started Kratom, 
It was elevated. 

C Reactive Protein was like 10
Then 5 now 3. 
Before covid it wasn’t even 1. 

This is the NMR. 
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. 
Two different magnetic fields 
Perpendicular to each other. 
Takes 4 or 5 days to test. 

It like a Vertical Panel. 
It tests for Fluffy LDL
Or Dense LDL Particles. 

Mine are all nice and fluffy. 
This tests for insulin resistance and 
Insulin Sensitivity. 
Mine was normal. 

H and H is normal. 
In the Hospital, it was 6 and 11
Now its 13 and 37. 
Yay! No more anemia. 

The ratios. 
Always ideal. 
The triglycerides were up a bit. 
Still, 74. Here it says 60,
But thats just how they compute. 
They make an educated guess. 

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