15 July 2023

party prep

Perfect preparation and pretty presentation. 
Plates and all go in the fridge. 
Prep as much as you can ahead of time. 
You can chop and prep. 

Onion Rings wrapped with Bacon 

Next time, I’ll put 2 rings 
Per slice of Bacon. 
Sweet Yellow Onion 
Are great for this. 

Dan-O’s  is my current 
Favorite flavor line. 
Penzie’s is also great. 

Freeze String Cheese the night before. 
Season it, wrap in Bacon. 
Bake at 375° until the Bacon is done 

Use parchment paper. 
Or you’ll have a mess like this!
The Blooper Real. 

Most of the Cheese
leaked out the ends. 
Hahaha- Crunchy Cheese

An old favorite. 
Make these the night before. 
They even sell these ready-made
 in the grocery stores now. 

This is shredded Cheddar Cheese 
With Cream Cheese filling. 

You can also use other peppers.
But here in Texas, you know…

It’s all about the Jalapeños. Lol. 

I like eating at home. 
You control the seasoning and the oils. 
Fresh Chicken Wings. 
One spoonful of Baking Soda 
Per pound of Chicken. 
To add a little barrier 
And make the wings crunchier. 

I hate spending $20 for a plate 
Of junk that doesn’t taste good. 
And gives heartburn for a day!
Cook at home and get control. 

Peanut Oil. High smoke point. 
Get a meat thermometer 
And a heavy pan. 
We have an Air Fryer,  but this is good. 

After it was cooled 
I filtered the oil
And saved it for next time. 
So very little lol is used for the whole batch. 

Shrimp In Old Bay 

Coleslaw with Angel Hair Cabbage. 
Mayo, AC Vinegar, Feta Cheese. 

Simple Ham and Cheese 
Finger Foods. 

And good leftovers 

It’s all in the preparation 
And presentation! 

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