28 July 2023

putting out the fire

Put out one fire. 
Another one jumps ip. 

Doctor visits after the CAC. 
People sre so rude and misinformed. 

Well that sucks. Lol. 
Charger snd the car. 

Have a housemate in music
Is so much fun. 

We all hang out together. 

Paper Moon last night. 
Was filmed in and around 
Hays Kansas. 
Where I went to school. 
Hays had about 2,000 people in 1978. 

I’m so mad about this week. 
My housemate found a “nodule”
During her Scan- and the Nurse Practitioner 
Said oh it’s probably cancer. And you’re 
Going to need a heart bypass! 
Or a stent! OMG. 
She was no casual. No one said
Cancer or disease - they just guessed. 

Then the doctor scolded her 
About even having the scan in the first place! 

People are mean. And not smart. 

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