31 July 2023

bye july

One year ago. 
COVID everywhere. 
I stayed outside in the sun
Much of the day. Even dry fasted a little. 

The more I know, 
The more I learn,
The more I think this is the answer. 
Cleanse the body of anger. 
Then things can flow. 

Outlander last night. 
My God! Please quit killing 
Off poor Jamie ! My heart can’t take it. 

DCI Simulcast. 
Lots of fun. 

Did I? 
I did indeed. 
Last watermelon of summer. 

Stayed up late. Getting Elaine ready
For a new tour! 
More to cone about that. 

Every job I’ve lost - 
Every relationship I’ve lost -
There is a strong chance 
Ot ended on 1 August. 
All my jobs and relationships 
Ended on this day. 
On or about. 
I hang out with teachers 
(Well… I DID)
And their new year is 
Back-To-School time. 
So they do all the firing snd dumping
In a tidy package that starts 
On August 1st! 
The evanescent, yet still dreaded day.  

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