29 July 2023

creepy day

Annual Inservice. 

They said I had to do CPR 
on my hands and knees.
 I asked if I could do CPR 
On the desk. Not the floor.  
Because of my knee. 
They said that if I don’t show
That I can get on the floor,
That I can NOT continue to work
As a Nurse. 

Which is not true. 
Lots of Nurses cant get on the floor. 
I would leave this company today 
If the family were here to work. 

Even Monster now has a Alcohol Drink. 
Local IPA drinks are wildly popular. 

More protein. Yes.
But 28 grams of carbs? 

Starbucks Egg Bites. 
8 carbs. 

Reorganizing the bags cabinet. 

Odd. I sense that they are targeting me. 
They want to hire new people 
And pay them much less. 

Also, I witnessed a white collar crime 
At work (Operation Nightengale)
And I think they’re trying to make it 
Look as though I am unreliable. 

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