19 July 2023

another day

Mr Billy is my Detail Man 
And he’s good! 

Lol I left my watch at home 
So this is a chart of something 
But …. Not sure what 

Mom’s away
The Nurses will play. 
One meal saves $30 GrubHub
Thank goodness for air fryers! 

7 minutes in the air fryer. 
Fish Sticks and Shrimp. 
So much breading. 
So much ketchup. 
Such a crappy taste! 

OMG anticipation is greater 
Than realization. Lol. 
Also known as: buyer’s remorse 
Or food regrets. 

Just saying- this was still better 
Than most of the meals I had
In Florida. Yelp is more like
“Welp!!?? I tried!” 

We cook much much better at home
Than most of the restaurants I know. 

Still taken aback 
When I see a long shot. 
This is the lowest weight I’ve had 
Since I started Low Carb. 
And the irony is- I’m not even trying. 

Post COVID. Post ulcers. 
Post wine. Post anemia. 

Was supposed to be off tomorrow. 
Now a Nurse called in. 
Sooooo mo’ money -
Mo’ money- Mo’ money! 

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