17 July 2023

too shy day

The mood here is decidedly 
“Back To School” 
With eyes toward Autumn. 
But August is the hottest month!

This Bariatric Soup is really good! 
About $2 a packet - so $4 a meal
They’re small- and I don’t have 
A “tiny tank!” Most Low Carb
And Low Fat- with 15 grams of protein! 

It sparked an online debate 
On Facebook- my old friends
From the Low Carb Cruise 
Are not in love with my second blog. 
They love to put it down. 
One of them said this soup
Is “blech” and “yuk” because 
It has chemicals. 🤨

The same people who doesn’t think 
I should dress up my cat. 
That old chestnut. 

Got up. Looked at the clock. 
Went back to sleep. 
Ummm deep sleep. 
Then remembered! It’s Monday!
Left the house 5 minutes late. 

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