05 July 2023

same old same old

Last night 
Not a creature was stirring. 

Back to the Rat Race this morning. 

What do we expect? 
Magic? Miracles? 

Been showering at night. 
Trying to save 20 minutes in the morning. 
Good - at least through summer. 

An old picture of my wee babies 
When I did PALS 
(Protective Animal League)
Which is cat rescue. 
Like this was 1998. 

Things with faces 

We are pigs. Human pigs. 
We would rather die than switch. 

I had an imaginary discussion 
With my dear (departed) mother. 
As usual, I was venting about my co-workers. 
They’re mean, petty, and vindictive. 
Her advice was to tell them to
Fug Off. At the top of Shut Fuck Mountain. 
In no uncertain terms. 
I no longer have to bow and kowtow 
For every asshole person with a degree. 
I don’t see how some of them 
Ever got through Nursing School. 
Instantly, I felt a change 
In my body. It was 100 pounds lighter! 
Well- it felt like it. 

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