21 July 2023


Little feet, little toes
Everything around me is 

Manicure Tea Party 
Even the Boyz

Be a Pediatric Nurse, they said. 
It will be fun, they said!

Delta 9 and Delta 8

Little Mister Goofy Butt 
Whom I love so very much! 

My gift to from me to me. 
However. They’re too small. 

In the Army, I wore a 6 1/2 shoe. 
It kept going up. 
Bones spreading out? Pain? 
Yes. And yes. 

The people who run our fair state. 
Invite everyone to move here. 
Then switch things up. 
And act shocked when people leave. 
People who work at Apple, Amazon,
Tesla, etc etc don't want to be told
Which bathroom they can use. 

Labs today so no Covefe. 
Getting a little Sun. 😎 
I loved Florida with all the sun. 

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