03 July 2023

happy 3rd

Pretty sky. 
It cooled down a bit. 

It’s only 95° F 
Instead of 115° F

Entourage effect. 
D9, D8, CBD, 
And Kratom 

Cool story. 
Both cancer survivors! 

Best concept ever. 
What is it FOR???
Know this- and you know everything!

Bit by not,
The little bird 
Builds his nest. 

Beautiful Lady Liberty 

Still maintaining my weight. 
My Kratom weight. My bonus loss. 
And I ate a mad handful of Skittles. 
I ate them like a dying man 
Drinks water in the desert. 
Like a lecherous fiend. 
And I don’t even like skittles! 
This was the berry flavored series. 

I bought them to use as a math prop. 
We’re working on adding and subtracting. 
20 skittles take away 20 skittles 
(In my mouth) is…. 5 pounds gain! 
I dodged a carbohydrate bomb. Lol. 

What the heck!

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