20 July 2023

extra day

Good morning, and welcome to
Low Carb News. I am your host.
Anne H. 

Todays top story is, of course,
The weather. 
If it bleeds,.. It leads. Lol. 

Temp readings are taken in the shade. 
So it is 115° in the shade. 
Thats hot. 
120° in full sun. 

These days, the kids in wheelchairs 
Mostly live at home with their families. 
Not so much now in State Schools 
Or State Hospitals… some group homes. 
The person who can figure out a way
To transport patients 
to and from the doctor 
Or clinic - non emergency care -
That person will be a Gazillionare. . 

We waited for a ride for almost 3 hours 
And they never came! 
No apologies. Just lies. 
The driver is almost there! 
3 more minutes! 
He's just around the corner! 
Lady- its too damn hot 
To be waiting for some dude 
who never showed up. 

Inside upstairs. 
Took another hour to get into range. 

No sleep apnea, one pillow,
No reflux, no heartburn. 
And no wine. 

Accidentally used oven cleaner 
- thought it was Goof Off 
Label remover.

Eggs and 1000 Island. 
A few bites of cheese. 
Protein Shakes 

Picked up an extra day. 
Which is good. 
Today we’re going to be easy. 
And do very little. 

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