15 July 2023

party day

A nice wee spread 
I got small portions. 
Like one cucumber. 

Hard boiled spicy eggs
This serving tray was 
Amazon Prime Day. 

Fruit tray. 
It was 90% Keto. 
Except some people brought food. 
Like pineapples. 

Also the tray was Amazon Prime Day. 
Lots of stuff half off 

Ugly but so damn good 
Bacon onion rings 


Pepper Poppers 

To celebrate Funny Girl 
Going on tour! 

Cleaned up. 

Stretch that gimpy leg lol 

Lap Baby

Cedar and his ‘Nip

I got it done. 
And it was a great experience!

I planned and planned for this!
I’m so glad it went well. 

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