06 July 2023

tired already

Be a pediatric nurse, they said. 

It will be fun, they said. 
Boys. Always hungry. 

People like flashy stuff. 
I’m not flashy. 

People like bloggers who 
Save the day. A little showmanship. 
A little flash. Pizzazz! 
(Cha cha cha!)

The last of the Costco Eggs. 
I thought it was sugar free syrup 
But alas. It was full sugar. 
Someone ate my SF syrup. 
Well, that explains the headache. 

My sweet baby is celebrating 
His 2 + years with us. 

He’s 3 years old since 
He was a scrawny little runt
Hanging out at the Dog Pound. 

So I’m not jazzy. 
Just consistent. 
Kinda boring, in fact. 

I work with people who
Are not smart, they lie, and they don’t care. 
I guess I need to figure out 
Where I stand. 
Am I OK with that? 
It’s not likely to change. 
The wisdom to know the difference. 
Always compromising. 
That’s all there is to that right there. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the sugar free syrup thing, dang!!! Once my sister ordered a diet root beer, and was blown away by how good it was, realized somewhere along the line that it was regular...her blood sugar wasn't happy. Happy Two Years With You to your sweet kitty. He certainly has gotten healthy looking, very cute! The standing on the door and painting? I think that's how my son reached in our foyer, ha...and...I don't think you're boring AT ALL! :)


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