13 July 2023

sensitive day

It fits
It ships 

Cats love Amazon Prime Day 

Baby loves the things 
that dropped on the floor 


Young Nurses do this. 

This is a safe scape. 
A good place to share. 
Because I discovered just how
Bitchy, whiny, and sensitive 
I really can be. 
It’s a shame. What specialness. 
I’m a Karen. To myself. 

Someone said I had grey teeth. 
Groot. Granny Gus. 
So instead of shrugging it off,
And just being like 
Eff You, Bully Asshole-
I jumped in an swam in it. 
I rolled around on it 
Like a dog loves road kill. 

And I stopped and jumped up from that 
Gutter of hate and ego - 
And realized I had to change
Or get off social media. 

It’s always awkward to 
Re-enter after a Faux Pas. 
Like admit you were wrong. 
Simple. Not easy. 

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