09 January 2011

wicked powdered peanut butter

All the rage 
in low carb blogland is powdered peanut butter.
Almost everyone who tries it becomes a raving fan.

Now why in the name of Skippy 
would someone want powdered Peanut Butter?
In a word - less fat. Much less fat.
Like 85% less fat.

That's actually two words. But hey - 

And powdered peanut butter 
is great for cooking Thai dishes.
Or mixing into smoothies.
Or mixing with cream cheese.

There are a few different options out there...

This is by Fit Nutz (with a z) Here's a link.
Or click the picture.
Fit Nutz - I couldn't make this up if I tried.

And this one is by Bell Plantation.
PB2. Click the pic, or

I have written about this one before (*link*)
and love it go through jars and jars of it
and buy it online at Netrition
and no I don't work there.
Winking smile

Truly, it's the only kind of Peanut Butter 
I can keep in the pantry. Without having to
resist the urge to go and have a big ol' spoonful
every now and then. This stuff is not something 
that calls my name in the middle of the night.

So now you know. Just in case you were curious.

Special Bonus Offer!
If you overnight me 4 tickets to Wicked,
on the front row, in NYC at the Gershwin,
I will gladly send you a jar of peanut butter for you to try.
Don't forget airfare and lodging!
A week in town should do it.
Just sayin'...

I'll be waiting patiently for your reply!
Can you tell, the headaches are better?
Biofreeze saves the day!
Just a little dab on the neck and shoulders will do ya.
That, and it's been over a month since my 
Great Caffeine Reduction Experiment started.
And I'm still going strong!

Hope your day is wonderful, and yippee skippy!
Pork rind, anyone?


  1. Oh, and transportation.
    If you please! heehee!
    Airfare, lodging and transportion.
    And meals. All inclusive.
    And I almost forgot!
    4 tickets to the show "Behind the Emerald Curtain...."
    Chow - Ciao!

  2. I keep hearing about the powdered peanut butter, but I have yet to try any myself. For some reason, peanut butter does not lure me like a siren , sitting on the jagged rocks, pulling me to my death. That role, for me, is filled by Almond Butter :-). Now you have made me think about pork rinds with sour cream herb dip.....MMMMMM!

  3. You sure do drive a hard bargain!

  4. Your tickets are on the way! You just may not be able to see them... You always make me smile. Love, D.

  5. I did buy PB2 but bought to much and it kind of gets funky tasting after the expiration date which isn't super long. But I do love it, the chocolate kind too. I should get myself some more since lately I've been in the boys peanut butter and it would be much better to have something less fattening and high calorie. thanks for the reminder Anne. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  6. I've been hearing about PB 2 for months now but still haven't gotten around to trying it. I will put that on my list the next time I'm allowed to do online shopping. I went a little too far at Christmas so I'm grounded for a bit.:)

  7. got mine from nettrition ..good stuff

  8. Love Netrition, so I'll check out the PB2 next time-thanks!

    Polar's Mom

  9. Love PB2, thinly drizzed on banana slices. I like it because you control the amount of water so you can either have it thick or thin. Yum. Hope you get the tickets, Anne ;-)

  10. I love Pb2 as you know :) I've heard that peanut flour is the same thing! Have you heard about that??

  11. Hey Anne, I'm still nursing my cold and not around much but I just caught up on your posts-- Glad you're feeling better and the headache is history.

    And, um, if that Wicked exchange for peanut better works, PLEASE let me know. I'll give it a try too..... Ahh, a girl can dream :-)

    xoxo jj

  12. If I get any offers, you can come with!

  13. I LOVE peanut butter... but have never seen any powdered PB here! darn

  14. I saved the link for the dry peanut butter and will order some this week. It is definitely worth trying. Thanks for the info.

  15. Never heard of it! Learn something new every day.


    PS I answered your questions on the souffle and updated the recipe. Hope that helps.

    PPS: Just made the most delicious Swedish Meatballs. Working on that recipe right now for posting.

  16. lmao...you're a riot! Need some spending money to go with that?

    I enjoy PB2 because I can find it in my small town!

  17. i have been wanting to try that stuff, I think I will have to try it soon.

  18. Peanut butter, did you mention? I'm a selective reader I notice. Ouch. I'm craving it now.

    You sound very good today! Yay for successful caffeine reduction!!! :)

  19. So glad to hear the headaches are better!

    I tried your idea about adding PB2 and sugarfree Praline daVinci to cream cheese. Alls I gotta say is: wow!


  20. I just went and ordered the trial packs to see what it's all about. I'm thinking not only for me but this would be great for the BWCA trip coming in August. Any less weight in the pack would be terrific.
    I'm glad to hear your headaches are better and how great you're doing without your Monster. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  21. YUCK!!! I have tried the PB2, and I will stick with regular old peanut butter. The carb content is almost the same. It is very popular though, I see people talk about a lot on the low carb friends forum.

    Something about that big ole spoon of peanut butter is like crack to me! LOL

  22. I'll have to look for this on my next trip to the USA. I've never seen it in Canada. People rave about it, so I'm going to give it a try.

  23. I need to try that stuff! Gosh I need to get over to Netrition and try a bunch of stuff eh??
    And if I was Ms. Moneybags, you'd be at that show (and the other one), all inclusive! :-D

  24. the hubs threw away my PB2 cleaning out the pantry.... silly man!!!

  25. Ugh, powdered peanut butter.
    Pork Rinds, now you are talking!!!

  26. why don't they just call it peanut powder?

    I gotta have peanut butter. A spoonful cures the hiccups dontcha know.

  27. I just tried PB2 for the first time last week. So good. Love the chocolate one too.

  28. I LOVE PB2. I thought it was too good to be true and was very skeptical when I bought it for the first time but it is so good!!! And like you said, it does not trigger you to keep eating it and eating it like normal peanut butter might. I have a serving and that's good enough for me :)

  29. I thought I was doing good by switching to all natural PB lol. (Which ended up having 5 more calories than what I was eating)
    Never heard of powdered PB, but I'm curios now!

    SOOO GLAD your head aches are gone!!!!!

  30. Ok, now there's something worth sending you airfare, lodgings, and tickets for! haha! If only I could, I would be the one going, and sending you the jar of peanut butter.
    So glad I found out about this though, I LOVE peanut butter but stay out of the jar because it is so high in fat.

  31. oh yeah the first thing I thought was Thai cooking ingredient. Thanks!


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