18 January 2011

less stuff

Less Menudo, por favor....

Home Depot fun and games

Good advice

10,000 maniac birds

Not made from real wolves

Oh, the drama!

Bit by bit our (and by that, I mean "my")
house de-cluttering project is coming right along!
Two or three big bags of 2x shirts, and 
size 46 mens pants!

Also, I got rid of any shirts that were stained or torn.
Or would be rejected by a homeless shelter.
Which basically leaves me with less than half 
the stuff I started out with!

Hope your day is delightful!


  1. NOOOOOOO not the wolf brand chili. Can't buy it here. Never fear my dear, Mom & Dad brought me a can to enjoy.

  2. Fun pictures!! Well, maybe not your rendition of "The Birds" - that one was scarey!!

  3. SUCH fun pictures.
    as always I click away wishing you were my neighbor.

  4. Wishing you a good day too, Anne. I had a lot to give away a few months back. There will be more soon but first I have to get some clothes that fit before I place the ones I can wear that are too large.

  5. I totally loved the maniac birds! There is an artists blog I visit, and she has a whole series of photos called Birds on a Wire. Tons of bird pics... she would go nuts for this one!


  6. The birds are awesome! As is decluttering - it's like losing weight - getting rid of the stuff that doesn't belong. What's that saying attributed to Michelangelo - I just chipped away everything that wasn't David? Well, you are just getting rid of everything that is not Anne!

  7. Sounds like its time to go clothes shopping!!!

  8. I've seen that menudo sign around, and I don't know what the heck Menudo is....ah, well, probably not on my plan. :D

    Happy Tuesday, decluttering tripper!

  9. Sometimes less is more, right?

    I grew up on Wolf Brand chili. My dad is from a wee bitty town called Emhouse (near Corsicana) and when we'd visit relatives he'd drive me by the guy's old house that started Wolf Brand. At least that's what he'd tell me.

    Have a wondrful day. Counting down the days to SA. 31!

  10. Love a good closet clean out. I'd much rather see less in there, but know that I could actually wear everything, than have a closet full of stuff I have to wade through.

  11. Isn't Menudo a boys band/some icky food made out of animal intetines?

    We've seen a lot of that behavior in birds in NW Ohio just recently. As long as they don't start dropping mysteriously out of the sky, I'm good with it. It always reminds me of that Disney short though . . . can't remember which movie it's on - mandy will know.

  12. Doesn't it feel good to simplify? It does, it does. Good job.

  13. How many people have drowned in that spot that they needed a sign?

    That's probably what those birds were watching...awesome shot of the birds...will google birds on a wire and check out some more shots.

  14. I feel so bad for Kirstie- being in the spotlight must be so tough! Why do people make such a huge deal out of her when it's an issue that SO many of us deal with! It's pitiful of the media!

  15. The cleaning out project progress is delightful! The bird photo is the craziest ever. :D

  16. Your pic's never fail to amaze me :)

  17. I might have to steal that picture of that sign if you don't mind :)


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