21 January 2011

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This might be one of my fave pictures ever.

A job for everyone

Sugar Free Candy at State Farm

Giant beef jerky chew sticks for dogs

Isn't It Though?

Cold temps, blue skies, full moon, and happy days!

Hope your day is all that - 
but not so much a bag of chips!


  1. I think I love that second pic too! But what is it? And I have to agree, stupidity can be dangerous. Will renting a mailbox help keep crocodiles away? Last pic is beautiful - pretty pink clouds.

  2. "Stupidity, more dangerous than crocodiles."

    I have a thick medical book published around 1903... frequently after describing the treatment, it goes on to say: ...and if the patient survives...

    Yet they thought they "knew" stuff (like the medicinal benefits of ingesting kerosene!). And so do we. And 100 years from now, they'll look back at US in horror!

    I keep thinking I should put some of that book online... but someone might try a "remedy" in it! :-O


  3. Judith - the first 3 pics are of a guy
    who's job is to dress like the Statue of Liberty
    and wave to people - a "Human Directional"
    But he just looks sooo sad - out there in the cold....

    Loretta - Awesome metaphor!
    So much medical info - just no longer applies!
    (Kinda like what we once thought about carbs!)

  4. Awesome photos. Poor Statue of Liberty guy. I wanna go give him a hug.

  5. Love the last one especially. It is lovely and I wish our sky looked like that today. Sadly it is gray and dismal AGAIN. Hugs.

  6. Love your photos! And I must say, you look great, Anne!

  7. what great pics! Love the sky shot. I wish it was that pretty around here.

  8. I'm new to you. I always see you commenting on other blogs and your picture w/your eyes peeking out of your glasses makes me smile.
    I just read "the wedding", my heart broke.
    I like the funny ones better!

  9. Oh that satue of liberty guy represents so much more than his own sadness, what a great picture.
    At first I thought those giant beef jerky sticks were for humans--locarb!!!

  10. In Brainerd this is a tax place called Liberty Taxes and every year at this time there's this black gentleman that is in one of those suits out there waving and dancing and drawing attention to the tax place. He makes me laugh every single time I see him. He's always smiling, dancing, waving. It is so cool really. If I can I'll take a picture next week when we go so I can share him with you.
    I love your pictures. Our morning is interesting. -35 and no electricity (well we have it with the genarator...I have daycare kids, have to have heat).
    Hope you have a great day. TGIF. God Bless!!

  11. ...and if the patient survives!!!

    where are the risk takers these days? It's all about surviving -what about thriving? Daring to be joyful!

    Thats what I love about your blog Anne...you always end with joy being our number one goal and focus. The weight loss will come to a joyful soul.

  12. Title - Anne take on stuff! Love that last picture, Anne. So serene.

  13. Love the "fixer upper" pic. Would make a lovely winter get away for us northerners!

  14. So sad for the statue of liberty...

    Polar's Mom

  15. We have a statue of liberty person in my town too and he/she's (who can tell?) really well-known for their dancing antics. Entertains the drivers stopped at a major intersection, that's for sure.

    You look really pretty in that picture. Have a good weekend - stay warm!

  16. That dude looks so dejected in the second photo. Awww.

  17. :) The first two photos had me laughing!!


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