13 January 2011


Trust, trust, trusting trust, trust trust. Trust, trust, trust. Trust, trust, trust. 
Trust, trust, trustidty trust trust. Trust, trust, trust. Trust, trust, trust.
Trust trust trust? Trust, trust, trust. Trust.

Trust - trust!! Trusting trust trust, trust. Trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust.
Trust trust and trust. Trusted trust, trust; trust!

Trust? Trust? Trust, trust....
Turst. Trust, trust, trust. Trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust.
Trust trust trust, trusting, trusted, trust.

Trust, trust, trust. Trust, trust, trust! Trust, trust, trust-trust-trust.
Trust, trust, trust! Trust, trust.




Hope your day is beautiful!


  1. okay sweet friend what are you trying to tell us, you having a problem with trusting someone.
    So glad you are feeling better....:-)Hugs

  2. Not at all - I trust every everyone.
    And have all kinds of love for people.
    But thanks for asking.

  3. I trust you are feeling better still. :-)
    Gorgeous blazing flamboyant sky!!

  4. Lovely pictures! and I can comment now! Enjoying reading your blog

  5. Oh man, do I need to borrow some of that trust. I have deep trust issues. How do you get to the point of so much trust?

    Beautiful, beautiful sunset photo!

  6. Anne, I just wanted to let you know that I love when you come by my blog. You're such a sweetheart and you always make me smile. Thanks for the positivity! :)

  7. wow.

    that photo compels me to trust and be grateful for something GREATER than my misfit-self.

  8. Actual sun rise yesterday morning!
    MizFit - you rock!

  9. I hope you win your struggle with trust.

  10. Beautiful picture!!! Keep on trustin'

    Thanks for the very thoughtful comment on my blog. I don't know what I would do without my fellow companions on the journey!


  11. Love your unique posts!

    I've given you a blog award...


  12. WOW, and I thought Montana was "big sky" country! What a magnificent photograph ...

    We have to put our trust in the Creator of that glorious sunset, and of us! Then, we have to ask ourselves, are WE trustworthy? Do we take our commitments and obligations seriously? EVEN to ourselves?

    I trust you'll have a magnificent day!

  13. I trust that your doing ok. Trust me!

  14. Hmmm interesting post. What a beautiful picture Anne, it just takes my breath away.

  15. The more I looked at the word Trust the more it seems like it wasn't spelled right. Isn't that weird how a word that you have known your whole life all of a sudden looks wrong?

    There is something deep going on here...this looks too simple.
    I'm going to figure this out!

    I saw you threw in the word -Trustidity- hmmm what is that suppose to mean. Am I taking this too seriously? Not seriously enough? What are you trying to say? Are you just showing us that our comments are just a projection of what's going on inside of us! Tell me Anne! I think this post is sending me spinning and all you said was "Hope your day is Beautiful"
    What do you M E A N !!!!!

    And Don't say T R U S T !

    I am spinning...wish it was on a bike :)

    Please disregard the above comments I was just writing down what was coming up for me. I actually feel better now. Hmmm, interesting.

  16. THAT is a beautiful photo. I would love to see a sky like that in person. It is all gray here even with the sun shining a bit. I NEED some real sunshine.

  17. Now that is called great minds thinking alike!! Love, D.

  18. Trust is a very good thing.
    And that sunset- OMGosh-- Amazing.
    xo jj

  19. I trust - too much sometimes, but I wouldn't want to change. Trust until you cannot trust anymore. I like to have an open heart. That photo is gorgeous.

  20. Wow, you get up early! Even as a sunrise - it's gorgeous.

  21. Trust! :) :) I like that you blog for yourself.


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