28 January 2011

tom thumb

New Eye Brow Job!
In case anyone is interested.
(Since a couple of people asked.)
No longer "wild," as the lady said.

Mediums are falling off of me. 
Literally. Almost time
for Small.


This coffee is from Brazil... Add boiling water 
and brew for a few minutes, then filter.

Brew ha-ha coffee!
Just love it with Heavy Whipping Cream!
Still at one (strong) cup a day - then decaff
More like a mug, if ya ask me.

Still, not like it was!
It can't ever be like it was.
My nervous system can't take it!

A bag of salad.
I eat a salad or some green thing almost every day.

The guacamole is not from a mix.
(That would be an insult to avocados)
But rather, from a bag....
They don't have any preservatives etc. at all!
Some brands don't have hardly any avocado in them
at all! But some are very good. 
Wholly Guacamole is good. (link)
(Since a couple of people from yesterday asked!)

It's easier to find in the bleak, cold Winter.

Tom Thumb is a store is the DFW area...
Kinda fancy with cute little shopping carts.

Old-style DP
as they call it here

Valentines Day is fast approaching!

What monkey on my back?
I don't have a monkey on my back.
Oh - that monkey on my back!

The Super Bowl is also near.
All the stores are selling "guy food" and sports foods
like crazy.... good time for LoCarb shopping!

Driving home into the sunset...
Long day at work with lots of
emotion, and difficult decisions -
that I didn't want to make....
Came home and went to bed right away!

Hope your day is every good thing!


  1. Wow, you are SWIMMING in those mediums! Smalls... here you come!!

  2. I adore those small little shopping carts. Isn't that the silliest thing? Somehow it just makes the whole shopping experience more "boutique" rather than just a chore.

    Funny thing is, 15 years ago, I HATED grocery shopping and the ex did it. Now I adore it! Funny how things change and that we can't ever see ourselves going back to what we were.

    Wonderful weekend Anne (and get some smalls - you are ready) :-)

  3. That last photo is lovely, Anne and it looks like you are ready for smalls to me. I'm in medium tops and large bottoms. Never thought I would get below extra large. :)

  4. The salad mix immediately made me think of Critter. He would dance and hop at the smell of those tiny carrots and greens. :) You are looking great in your loose mediums!

  5. Brows look Amazing! The are the Exlamation marks to your Beautiful Eyes!

  6. I make the best homemade guacamole EVER. But in a pinch, Wholly is the one I turn to!

  7. Get the smalls for crying out loud!

  8. Love the new eye brows! Great progress, too, as evidenced by those scrubs!! I miss fresh avocados from when I lived in CA,

  9. Definitely time for size small! :o)

    My eyebrow regime consists of dyeing (they're blonde), tweezing the odd one underneath, then ripping out the middle, where they meet above my nose... :o( (Craig calls me "Monobrow" - isn't he nice?! lol)

  10. I think its time to go shopping for Smalls (and a little black dress while you're at it!!). Hair and brows look great too :-)

  11. Feels good to realize you may be ready to move into smalls, doesn't it?

  12. pretty sure that's an ape on your back. no stigma against that.

    I'm jealous. I used to have eyebrows. Damn thyroid.

  13. Your eyebrows look gorgeous and I am so jealous of your beautiful jaw line! Yeah, go on and get the smalls, you need to show off that new, tiny little body!!

  14. Luuuuurve wholly guacamole. I can make it cheaper but it is just so dang easy! And did you see the 100 calorie serving packs of wholly guacamole? Great idea!
    I love your eyebrows. I'm scared shitless to let someone do mine for fear of ending up browless. And girl you REALLY need smaller scrubs, like in a big way. I'm surprised you don't trip over them!
    Polar's Mom

  15. Beautiful brows and definitely time for some new scrubs!

  16. Did you have a facial, too, cause your skin look glowy?

    And remember those saggy scrubs for next Doodling Day. One with your pants all saggy and falling off. hahahahahah!!!!!

    I like WG, too. Yum. Though i prefer driving by the Mexican place and getting their fresh one...soo good, even if I have less these days.

    Love spending another "day" with ya...in pics.


  17. Eye brows are the most under rated beauty feature of all, and the cheapest to completely make over. Fabulous brows, girl. Stunning.

    Do you use eyebrow wax? Seriously. If I had a couple extra cents to rub together, eyebrow wax is the first thing I would buy for myself. :)


  18. Those scrubs are swimming on you. I forgot about the super bowl. Wow.

  19. I picked up some avocados today and am looking forward to making guacamole. I bought some pico de gallo rice chips to dip...yum!

    Nice brows!

    Time for new uniforms I think, unless you are try to rock the dirrty souf look.

    Have a splendid weekend!!!

  20. What?
    I already do rock the dirrty souf look!
    Or was that the Due South look?
    Can't remember right now.

  21. Cute mugs make me go weak in the knees. That pink thing made me smile. :) The eyebrow job looks good. The fact that you'll need a small size soon is better!!

  22. Difficult decisions? You ok? Not trying to be nosy.

    Love the brows, chick! Nice and tame. ;-)

    Yup, the pants are too big. You're shrinking.

  23. Hey, Miss Kelly - not trying to be evasive.... sorry....
    I am getting a second job. That's the big decision.
    I decided today. And a Nurse called me and offered me one!
    Just fell into place just like that!

  24. Love the eye brows and your hair cut. Yes, new scrubs are in order.
    Sorry you had a not the nicest day. Being in your profession there are those days. I remember my many years in nursing. I hope you have the weekend off to just relax and enjoy your new clean digs.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  25. Thank you for the info on the guacamole. You are awesome.


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