11 January 2011

nothing but a headache

Headaches suck

Lots of people get headaches.

Kinda like a vortex of drums in your brain - playing real loud!

It only hurts here, here, and here.
And oh yeah - here.
Too much Hydrogen Peroxide? :D

Go to the doctor? For just a head ache?
They have a 9 month waiting list for headaches.
(I guess to rule out that you're not just preggers!)

The United States of Pills

No really - I prefer the floor.
I like it down here!

Definitely caused by Low Coffee Levels.
Advil level is kinda low, too.

Is that music from Wicked?
It figures.
Typical Replacement Strategy!

I once drank so much coffee in my life,
that if you cut me, coffee would come out.

Gobble gobble. Look  - a turkey!
But I digress.....

A little rest... a few days off from work....

Some good things to eat that are healthy...
No more fasting, by the way... not now, at any rate

And pretty soon- everything is coming up poppies!
What ever that means!

At least it's a good day for stretching!
And recovering.

Thanks to Loretta for another Toon Tuesday!
And thanks to every one who helped me along
the way the past month with the migraines!
And now the flu! omg.
I caught the flu, whilst fasting, with a migraine!
Needless to say, I ended my fast.

Thanks for having my back. 
I owe ya one!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Oh Anne, that just is not good, maybe the fasting has been giving you the headaches. I don't know. I think you should do a cartoon strip every morning for a local paper. I hope you get feeling better soon. thinking about you. take care of yourself. hugs.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry it's now the flu! Nooooo.
    I hope you feel better lickety split.

    You can stay home from work and make cartoons, and mend fast!

  3. Yes, thank you!
    I was so sick I had to call for help.
    And of course, ended the fast.
    I missed work. I was just miserable.
    I musta caught something from my
    little neighbor. She was sick,
    but I didn't think I would ever get sick!
    (Typical Nurse Logic!)

    So yes in fact, I did stay home and make cartoons!

  4. Oh feel better. Everyone has got the crud around here these days. This is just an awful winter for it. I hope you (eat something!) feel better fast! No pun intended...

  5. I never get sick, hardly ever.
    But since I've been on my Big Ol' Diet,
    I have been more sicker, more oftener....
    [Swine flu last year, and "Fasting Flu" this year....]
    Maybe cuz I notoriously don't take my vitamines,
    and Narcissistically think "The Rules" don't apply to me!
    Pushing myself around like this is bound to have some
    cause and effect.... a little decreased resistance perhaps.
    But yeah, this time it was a double whammy....
    I like Broth. If "Broth" had a Facebook page,
    I would "poke" it and "like" it all day long.

  6. Oh, dear, that is a pretty bad double whammy. I didn't get sick until I had a child, they are little germ factories.

    I hope the toons helped you to feel a bit better, they did me!

    Thanks for your kindness regarding my rogue linking. If only I could limit my rogue linking to nice folks...lol.

    Take care and be well soon.

    And take yer vits!

  7. Look at that cute small, thin person lying down with a headache. Thin. You are drawing yourself as you are now, did you notice? You are accepting that you are as you are now, not like before.

  8. Do you have the flu now? Poor Anne!!

    Sorry about those headaches. Seriously? 9 months before you can see a doctor about them? Yikes.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  9. Yuck! Feel better!

  10. Sorry you're feeling yucky! Please take very good care of yourself--vitamins included. (I should talk--I'm often remiss--but after reading your post, I will think more about it). Part of this journey is to learn good self-care, and yet we're often the last ones we take care of. Hope you're better asap!

  11. so sorry you've been so sick! yucky!

    You were joking about 9 months before seeing a doctor, right? please say yes.

    I hope you're back to yourself really soon!!

  12. Even when you're sick you are still so funny. I especially like your poke and friend comment up there.

    As I was moaning with my hip pain last night I remarked to Mr. Helen that I can't imagine how people with chronic pain, "like a headache" handle it.


  13. Anne, I'm so sorry about the flu AND the migraine. I am hoping that my flu shot will keep me safe and I have a supply of Imitrex for the migraines. Thankfully I haven't had one for a while. It is the sinus crap that is getting me now. I wish you well and a speedy recovery. Loved the blog today as always. So sorry you are ill. Feel Better Soon!

  14. Oh nooooo!! Feel better!!! Im with you on the narcissistic non-vitamin-taking. Blah. Im going home early from work to finish the day from there because I feel like crud too. Mayhap the vitamins would help us!?
    Once again, get well soon hugs for you!

  15. United States of Pills,

    Turkey...are those coffee beans coming out from the Turkey hand?
    Don't answer I'm just being silly

    Love when you are silly :)

  16. Anne! Your ekgs and graphs made me laugh!!! You're soo cute with/without illness. I'm sorry about the flu. Blah. But if nothing else, the flu is going to learn a few good things from you. :) Rest well. Tonnes of healing hugs and care coming your way. EAt.

  17. Awww, poor Anne. ((hugs))

    I prefer that last drawing of you jumping around in the sunshine with the poppies.

  18. OMIGOSH, you were THAT ill??? Migraine plus flu??? Seriously??? ANNNNNEEE!!!! I had no idea it was that bad.


    No more fasting. Take care. We want you around a loooong healthy time!

  19. I yiyi Anne-- Nine months for a doc appointment!?!?! That's crazy but I'd make the appointment anyway, you never knowhow you fight feel in September ;-)

    Hang in there. xo jj

  20. That fast didn't sound like a good idea when I heard you say you were going to do it, but I held my tongue because I realize we all have to do it our own way. Now I kinda wish I'd said something.

  21. head aches AND the flu :( Feel better soon!!!!

  22. Lots of people fast - or do alternate day fasting -
    without getting the flu like I did!
    Just so happens I caught The Crud from my neighbor this time!


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