10 January 2011

pictures day

Since so many people write, and comment,
 and ask me about how I take the pics for my blog,
I thought I would do a little post about it!
Thanks - by the way - for reading!

Ker-plunk .... caught in mid-drop!
However, it wasn't just "good timing."
It took about 20 attempts to get the shot.
Because of the "delay" in point-and-shoot cameras,
it was hard to say what would hit where!
(Kinda like weight loss, eh?)

I am getting more comfortable with the new camera.
After my other one broke. link

To get this "depth of field"  (where the background is "fuzzy")
I use a macro setting but in a telephoto mode.
I am more than 10 feet away from the rail here.
Let the camera do the work!

A rare snow day in Dallas, Texas! (yesterday)

The snow needs the contrast of the fence to be seen, I think!
Sometimes I use iPhoto to enhance the color.
Just to make it more realistic.

A fountain picture, on night setting

Could have used a tripod here - just by hand on night setting

Cell phone picture (one of my faves)

A little decorative poppy pod close up
With natural light. Same as before... about 10 feet away.

Sometimes I use a tripod with a timer,
so I don't get the little bounce/movement
from pushing the button!

I have a very simple little $100 camera.
But it has served me well!

Last year - with Christmas lights... on Night setting with a tripod 

And this concludes my show and tell for today!
Thanks for reading! Like with so many things in life,
I think it helps if you love what you do.
Learning is easier and recall is splendid when you love what you do.
It's almost automatic - if not effortless!


  1. I do love your pics, very refreshing!

  2. Thanks for sharing , Anne. I am wanting so much to get into some photography. My husband has promised a new camera soon. We have to get it on a budget. Do yo have any suggestions? Is yours digital or regular? I am asking for the Photo Shop program for my birthday or Christmas.

  3. Thanks, Karen Butler Ogle!
    I don't have anything fancy or expensive.
    I use PhotoBucket Pro for about $2 a month.
    But most of the pics are handled just fine by the MacIntosh.
    And my little camera is just yer basic Best Buy/WalMart model.

  4. Amazing close-ups...
    I couldn't believe they were from 10 feet away!

  5. Great pictures as always Anne. Love looking at what you see.

  6. Thanks, Anne. I appreciate the info. I will be watching for some camera deals.

  7. You do take good pictures. And it must be that you have the visual talent. We have a little digital camera and it works great. Thanks for the walk through your photo travels.

  8. I love the lights and the drops on the railing!! Anne, you're fantastic! I love your last line. :)

  9. Macros, huh. I need to look into that. You do seem to know your way around a camera.

  10. ps, fab photos - the fountain at night is mega cool.

    My camera is a little under $100 thing, too. Took some amazing moon shots with it over the summer.

  11. Thanks - for a brief time in High School
    I was big time in to photography.
    Saved my lunch money to buy a fancy SLR camera
    back in the day.

  12. I should explore what my camera can do ... hmmmm a tripod... I'm sure I've got one of those SOMEWHERE!

  13. I always look forward to your photographs! You do such a wonderful job - and I love that they're so inspiring too!! Just like YOU!

    Thank you!

  14. That was a CELL PHONE PICTURE??? You are kidding me??? That's amazing. (What cell?) Really have lovely shadow/light stuff going on, the color, the mood...me likey.

    And I like the pod pic...it feels not just organic, but as if the pod was sort sort of...created clay artifact. Nice.

  15. I love your pictures, I love that you share and I love that you teach. YEAH!!! Thank you!
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  16. Your photos are always awesome. Mine never turn out that well. I guess I should practice more, but until I get better I am happy to enjoy your creations :)

  17. Snow snow everywhere! How many snow angels did you make?

  18. None - I was too sick to get out....
    Getting the flu whilst fasting is not a good combo!

  19. Always come here for the photos and the funnies. Wow, I love that fountain picture and the Christmas lights and you being Rudolph. Thanks for your comments on my Blog, Anne. You always make me think, smile and laugh. You really are the quick-witted nurse.

  20. Never thought to use macro in combination with telephoto... I'll be trying it! Thanks!

    Curious about your comment on my recent post about MREs... Are they THAT bad?

  21. Just read the other comments... sorry about the flu... hope you're taking enough fluids. Get better soon and thanks for posting even when you didn't feel well.

  22. PB - thanks!
    MRE's? No they aren't bad....
    Just about 3,000 calories per serving , I think!
    Yeah, I musta caught something while I was fasting.
    Talk about miserable. I've been on the couch for 4 days.
    Good for blogging, through!

  23. Anne you always teach me something new! Thanks for the quick photography class :)

  24. Love your pictures and info. I think I have the night setting on my camera and have never use it. Need to get my book out and see what my old camera does.

  25. I always love your pictures :) Thanks for sharing!
    I would have thought you had one of those REALLY expensive things!


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